BD in Tucson

BD is constructing a state-of-the-art, final-stage manufacturing and sterilization facility in Tucson, Arizona, that will be an integral part of the regional and national medical device supply chain.

This website is designed to keep Tucson citizens informed about BD’s presence in the city and answer questions about the facility or its purpose. If you have questions not answered on this website, please use the Contact tab to submit a question or comment and we may be able to provide more information.

The medical device sterilization capability of the Tucson facility will play an immediate and critical role to the regional healthcare supply chain as it is located near major manufacturing plants and medical technology distribution centers.


A letter from Miguel Serafin Rodriguez,
the Tucson facility project manager:

BD has a 125-year history of providing medical devices and technologies to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratories, and other healthcare workers to help them care for patients. We are proud to have an existing footprint in Arizona with our BD Peripheral Intervention business unit headquartered in Tempe, and we look forward to expanding to Tucson.  BD plans to construct a new facility in Tucson that will serve as a final-stage manufacturing and sterilization center, and we are excited to further integrate into the local and state community.

I have been part of the BD family for 14 years working as a Sterilization Process Engineer, Sterilization Specialist, and most recently Sr. Project Manager of Global Supply Chain. As the project manager for the new Tucson facility, I will be responsible for leading the project of building the new facility, setting up routine operations such as the design of the main process equipment, implementing all prerequisites for routine operations such as equipment commissions and process validation, and for putting in place systems for quality, production, maintenance, and supply chain requirements to guarantee the right product flow.

I look forward to engaging with the people of Tucson, and I am committed to cooperating with the community and listening to all Tucson voices throughout this process.

I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity because it will lead to direct, positive impacts on healthcare in Tucson, Arizona, and across the country.

Miguel Serafin Rodriguez

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